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Inhalt/Contents:* The Authors in Curare 39(2016)1* Klaus-Dieter Mathes: Preface* Katharina Sabernig: Editorial +++ Articles* Natalia Bolsokhoeva: Tibetan Medical Illustrations from Atsagat Medical College and Other Anatomical Achievements of the Buryat Lama and Physician D. Endonov* Katharina Sabernig: Anatomical Structures and the Structure of Anatomy in Tibetan Medicine. The Fourth Chapter of the Explanatory Tantra in its Commentaries* Florian Ploberger: Anatomical Terms of the 27 Chapters of the Subsequent Tantra (Phyi mavi rgyud)* Isabella Würthner: A Preliminary Study on the Function, Anatomy and Origin of the Term bsam-sevu in Tibetan Medical Literature* Rudolf Pfister: On the Meditative Use of the Body Maps Found in the Composite Text "Songs of the Bodily Husk" (Ti ke ge)* Wung Seok Cha & Hyuk Sang Jung [with assistance of Dong Ryul Kim, You Sang Baik & Tae Woo Kim]: Body Perceptions in East Asian Culture +++ Bibliographical Survey* Michael Balk: A Bibliographical Survey of Medical Literature in Tibetan language Based on the Post-war Holdings of the State Library in Berlin: A Strand of Pearls to Enlighten Researchers +++ Report* Stephan Kloos: Tibetan Medicine Committee Inaugural Conference. World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, Xining, Qinghai (China), August 7–9, 2015 +++ Book Reviews* Theresia Hofer (Ed) 2014. Bodies in Balance. The Art of Tibetan Medicine. New York [Vincanne Adams]* Janet Gyatso. 2015. Being Human in a Buddhist World. New York. [Theresia Hofer] +++ Zum Titelbild & Impressum+++ Hinweise für Autoren/Instructions to Authors

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