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Die Essenz des Tantra: Die zeitlosen Lehren des...
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Tantric Sex: Exploring the Power of Tantric Sex...
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Become a master of tantric sex, enhance the intimacy, and deepen the emotional connection with your partner!If you're in a long-term relationship, you've probably experienced a period of sex stagnation. It's not that you're not attracted to your partner. It's just that you've found yourselves in a rut, and your sex life is, if we're being completely frank, a little boring. Sounds familiar? Then, keep reading! The ancient practice of tantra is not only a method to upgrade your sex life. It delves into the deepest levels of intimacy, creating a strong emotional connection with your partner. Tantra is a blend of a sexual and emotional energy, and its techniques work on both your body and mind. Prepare to discover your hidden erotic nature and fire up the passion in your relationship! This guide on tantric sex is extremely straightforward. It will explain how, when, and where to touch your partner, how to reach a mind-blowing orgasm, and how to connect with your partner in a way you didn't think possible.  Here's what you'll learn from this audiobook:How tantra works and why the best sex is connected with spiritualityWhat are the benefits of tantric sex and how to get the best resultsHow to prepare yourself and your partner for the tantra experienceHow to set an ideal mood and space for many nights of incredible pleasureHow to stimulate all five senses and find the hidden pleasure triggersWhat is tantric touching and how to use it to prolong the pleasureWhat is the importance of preparing your bodies for tantric sex How to build up an electric sexual charge between yourself and your partner  1. Language: English. Narrator: Cassandra Arnold. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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